Centurion Data Systems

Initially, this project was to include redesigning the logo, creating a brochure and designing and developing a WordPress website. Because the company had already invested in a large, expensive outside sign, they decided to just give the current logo a facelift


Megan McGuire


Vector art
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop


Centurion Logo

I am showcasing the process I use when designing a logo from scratch in this section. It also shows how I updated the current logo.




Centurion Brochure

This is the 6″ square, trifold brochure I designed for Centurion. I created the icons in Adobe Illustrator, authored the copy based on informational sheets the company provided and selected stock photos. I hope to replace the stock photos with images of the actual team. It also features the refreshed logo.



Centurion Business Cards

Now that they had an updated, vector version of their logo, the folks at Centurion were looking forward to ordering new business cards. I told them that I could whip together at card layout for them to go with their shiny new logo.