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DCHS DEvelopment piece

The Dane County Humane Society provides its community with not only a safety and shelter for homeless animals, but also gives people a chance to do good things – Helping People Help Animals.


Megan McGuire




Creative Process

The Dane County Humane Society is a lively and vibrant place. The people are passionate about their purpose and I felt these were important things to convey.

DCHS is nationally recognized for its innovation and top notch staff. The challenge of keeping such a well oiled machine running is three-fold. Volunteers, Adopters and, of course, donors are invaluable. This piece attempts to reach all three of these sometimes overlapping audiences.


I designed, produced, and wrote copy for this project.

Design Process

In order to capture the essence of the organization I toured the physical plant and talked with volunteers and staff. I then brainstormed words that were associated with what I learned. Sketching thumbnails allowed me to quickly think of, evaluate and choose from a myriad of ideas.